What we do
GAWA Capital promotes social and economic development by leveraging 
private capital markets. We advise investment funds to support the growth of social enterprises in under-served markets while seeking financial returns for investors and a positive impact for society. We are currently advisors of the GAWA Microfinance Fund, the Global Financial Inclusion Fund, and the Magallanes Impacto FIL Fund, all three investing equity and debt in financial inclusion and MSME financing companies. The funds we advise have more than €70 million in assets under management. 

Why we do it
We believe: 
    • In a world where all people have the opportunity to pursue  their aspirations and live a life out of poverty.
    • Not enough capital is currently available to address some of world's most daunting challenges, including poverty eradication, climate change, agricultural productivity, shelter, access to clean water and health.
    • Over the past decade, thousands of social enterprises are building new business models to address those challenges which can be scaled up by offering financial returns to attract investors and harness the power of capital markets.
GAWA Capital aims to support these innovative businesses by harnessing the power of capital markets. We are aware that money is not enough to address some of these social challenges and as a result we beleive in building partnerships with not-for-profit initiatives and with industrial players which share our mission.