GAWA Capital Values

Our actions are guided by the values shared by our leaders and founders:
  • Rigor: We are determined to go above and beyond impact investing industry standards in our investment analysis; with a strict investment selection process, striving to look for the best possible understanding of our risks and opportunities.
  • Empathy: We share an active desire for improving the standards of living of those who have been less fortunate, we strive to do this by truly engaging and understanding their perspective.
  • Generosity: We believe in sharing our experience and learning from each other.
  • Commitment: We are driven by a fierce responsibility to all our stakeholders, we have an open mind to learn along the way but we are inflexible in our intention to deliver social impact in a financially sustainable way.
  • Entrepreneurship: We are actively seeking new innovative ways to deliver on our promise and are not afraid to try new models and improve along the way.
  • Transparency: GAWA Capital clients' trust is one of our biggest assets, we are determined to act with the highest standards of integrity and transparency in order to preserve it.