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Impact Stories

Several of our investees' clients come from remote rural areas, where access to financial services is extremely limited. However, the loans aren't the only reason they have benefited, take a look at what they are saying >>

GAWA Microfinance Fund and Global Financial Inclusion Fund

The GAWA Microfinance Fund and the Global Financial Inclusion Fund are two separate funds advised by GAWA Capital. Both funds invest in financial inclusion with the objective of providing a financial return for its investors and a measurable social impact for low-income communities. 

The GAWA Microfinance Fund has €21 million of capital, and was launched in September 2010 and the Global Financial Inclusion Fund has €32,3 million of capital and started in September 2014.

Both funds have been raised entirely by their commercial partners from large family offices, institutions, development agencies and high net worth individuals who wanted an exposure to a low correlation asset class which could provide an attractive financial return while generating a visible direct social impact. 

The funds have built a portfolio of 12 investments in Latin America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The microfinance sector in emerging markets has seen much less volatility than most other industries, showing significant growth and maintained (high) levels of debt repayment overall, with only some negative regional exceptions within countries. Exposure to microfinance can contribute to risk diversification of an investment portfolio, especially attractive at a time when developed country assets (specially Eurozone) suffer high volatility.

Both funds are Luxemburg SICAR approved and supervised by the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).  

Learn more about the funds' investment strategy and targets.