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Sustainable Agriculture

The challenge: Feeding a growing population while improving the lives of 1.8 billion poor farmers families

Today three billion people earn less than $2 per day, and nearly one billion people suffer from malnutrition.  

The world is facing unprecedented pressure to dramatically increase food production – by 70% by the year 2050 – to keep pace with population growth. 

Farmers in Africa are the most affected by this food and nutrition crisis: 80% of agricultural production is derived from 300 million poor smallholder farmers. In fact, many poor farmers do not grow enough to feed their own families, and are thus affected as both producers and net food buyers. 


The opportunity:  Poor farmers in Africa hold the key to the solution

Smallholder farmers in Africa historically have realized very low yields on their crops because they have limited access to quality inputs such as fertilizer, seeds, and irrigation. They often have limited education and lack access to basic infrastructure such as roads or electricity in order to access markets.

GAWA Capital is investing to provide for simple improvements in farming techniques, higher quality inputs and better access to credit can contribute to a substantial increase in productivity, resulting in more food and more income for more people.