Who can apply for an investment by our client funds:

Organizations, with any type of legal structure, that have social impact as a core mandate in their mission and primarily operate in under-served and low income markets. These organizations deliver results using market based approaches and strive to achieve financial sustainability. We look for organizations that demonstrate significant growth potential and we place emphasis on solid credit fundamentals, strong risk management and prudent management teams.

What the funds offer to investees:
  • Debt and Equity-like investments with flexible durations depending on the organization's need.
  • Advisory services to support organizational strengthening, related to:
    • Improving technology and infrastructure of MFIs (e.g., branchless banking, MIS upgrades)
    • Capital structure optimization
    • Financial risk management
    • Operational efficiency
    • Access to capital markets and rating agency preparation
    • Long-term commitment

If you represent an organization seeking funding and you identify with the description of our investment targets, please feel free to fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.