GAWA Capital Impact Stories

It is a great source of pride and satisfaction to listen to the stories of those who benefit from the products and services of our client funds. These people are our inspiration and the drivers for everything we do, so we are happy to share some of their stories with you...  

Meet Reyna Cabrera from Veracruz, in Mexico. She has used micro-credit to turn her passion for cooking into an income generating activity.

Meet Sofia Galicia from Chalco, in Mexico. This mother of two took on entrepreneurial activities from her family's home and now owns a pastry and party supply shop.

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The Story of Mary Odae from Kumasi, Ghana. A 55 year old wife and mother of five children who makes a living selling yams and other food items to her local community. She is planning on growing her business to better serve her clients.

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The Story of Shukurova 
Shahniyar from Lokbatan, in Azerbaijan.
After escaping the war, with the first microcredit she has been able to open a little shop; nowadays she is expanding her activity to start selling shoes and she keeps on take care of her family with the profits she makes.

This the story of Indra from Balangoda, Sri Lanka. 
She is a street toy seller. She used her microcredit to make her activity become profitable improving her family quality of life.

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