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Shukurova's story - Azerbaijan

Client of Azercredit (Azerbaijan)

Shukurova was born in a rural family of Niyazgullarm in the Jabrayil district, Azerbaijan.

Her father was a farmer and her mother was taking care of the four children. Shukurova spent her childhood helping her father with the farm work. Then she got married and she relocated with her husband in Shikhaliagali, a small town. Due to the Armenia’ military strike in the region, they were dispalced with their children in Saatli and later in Lokbatan (Qaradagh District).

Once there Shukurova rented a little shop and another commerciant, that was working nearby, told her about Azercredit. Shortly after she visited one of the Azercredit office and find out about the services that were offered. She decided to ask for the first microcredit (about 600 USD). The loan was really useful since she was able to expand her shop and increase her profits. Thanks to her the shop’s incomes, she has been able to buy goods for her house and help her daughter with the marriage expenses.

Nowadays she is expanding her shop to start selling shoes. She is thankful to Azercredit since the microcredit helped her in the most difficult moment of  her life.