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Indra's story - Sri Lanka

Client of LOMC (Sri Lanka)
The following content was originally written by LOMC

Despite being smart and with an entrepreneurial spirit, Indra did not have an easy life. 

She spent many years working with his husband selling toys close to the bus station of Balangoda. Even if they were working hard together, they could not gain enough. Under this condition Indra decided to apply for a 20.000 rupiahs loan (about 150 USD). 

Her hopes faded away once she realized it was impossible to refund the loan just selling toys. Her family was getting poorer and poorer every month.

Still during the refund period she heard about Lanka Orix Microcredit (LOMC). She attended a group meeting with her neighbors and immediately realized that LOMC services were exactly the ones she needed:

“While I was listening at the LOMC employee I was already feeling more confident. LOMC taught us how to plan our business. We agreed that I could ask for a 25.000 rupiahs microcredit with an adequate refund plan and a maturity date set over one year after. With the loan I bought toys at wholesale in Colombo (Sri Lanka’s capital). Since the buying price was lower we were able to have higher profits. While the loan was active, I was attending the group meeting to learn more about my business management.

Since then I believe LOMC gave to all of us a future.”