Reyna Cabrera
Client of CAME (Mexico)
The following content was originally written by CAME in Spanish.

Reyna Cabrera is 56 years old and she lives in Veracruz. As a child her grandmother taught her how to cook, which became her passion and later on her mode of work.

She is a single mother of two daughters. One of them is 39 and has lived in the United States for more than 10 years, she has not seen her daughter since. Her youngest daughter has a disability and requires special support. This is why she decided to establish her own business where she could sell food and snacks while she looked after her daughter.

"One day I was approached by a CAME promotor and I got information. "I gathered some people and formed a group called Las Caprichosas", she says, and she continued to work to have her own place. For Reyna, solidarity is the most important factor within her group and she claims that knowing each one of the members is the key success factor of the group.

Even though her business demands full time commitment, Reyna is happy because thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit she can now provide well for her daughter. Without a double she is a client that demonstrates that with CAME it is possible to grow!