Sofia Galicia
Client of CAME (Mexico)

The following content was originally written by CAME in Spanish.

"I am convinced that without CAME my story would be different", says Sofia Galicia, a 46 year old woman who is smiley and full of life. She is a mother of two who decided to work from home to take care of her children and be aware of their needs while helping to provide for the family. So, 18 years ago she started selling jello to the neighbors in her community of Chalco. 

One day she heard a truck announcing information about CAME, "they were inviting the community to get a loan to set up a business, so I attended the info sessions and afterwards I set up a group called Progreso Ideal with my neighbors" she says. She remembers that her first loan, of 400 pesos, allowed her to buy supplies to expand her jello business. 

She began selling to the stores in the area, taking them 10 or 12 jello's each, daily. The income she generated, added to that of her husband, who works as a wood worker and has been married to her for 30 years, improved the finances of the family. Sofia started using the income from the jellos to expand into other businesses, like the sale of clothes and toys. 

Four years ago, Sofia an dher family became owners of a shop that specializes in selling confectionery supplies and party supplies such as candy and toys. Her and her children, who are now 20 and 19 years old, take turns working at the shop during the week. The eldest is now studying Law at the university and the youngest is waiting to be admitted to study the same. They know that taking care of the family business is part of their responsibility. 

Sofia's daily challenge for making her business successful is carefully listening to her customers so that they can always find what they need. "This business has been developed through hard work and lots of effort, but also by taking advantage of all that CAME has offered. Came isn't only a loan, its a full program where you can get workshops and advisory permanently which helps us grow, increase our earnings and find new opportunities. I have even had the chance to visit Los Pinos thanks to CAME", tells Sofia as she chuckles. 

When asked about the future Sofia says she still sees herself working, perhaps a bit less with age, but living in a better economic environment for her retirement. Her wish is that some day, her store will be a source of jobs for others. "I will continue to see CAME as an unconditional supporter for the years to come. I dont know if the story I tell today would have been the same without CAME. They were the first to come to areas like Chalco to give opportunities to the residents here. Afterwards others came following their example, but for me CAME is family because I have seen others grow along with me", she says.

"I have been growing with CAME for 18 years and the most important thing during this time is that my children show their admiration for me. That fills me with satisfaction".