Mary Odae
Client of Sinapi Aba Trust (Ghana)
The following content was originally written by SAT.

Mary Odae is 55 years old. She is a wife and a mother of five kids. Currently, all her children are in school. 

She loves selling goods, a business through which she obtains daily source of livelihood.  Mary has been selling yams for seven years to support her family. Yam is one of the favorite staple foods that supply carbohydrate components in diets. She takes delivery of stock from farmers who provide her with direct supply from their farms. This enables Mary tavoid middlemen who buy from the farmers and resell to her at higher prices. With this loan, she wants to buy bulk of tubers of yam to serve her customers. 

She hopes to use part of her profit that will be generated to support her kids in school. Mary is a member of a community group called Vineyard Trust Bank Group. In this group, members guarantee and support one another to repay their loans.