One of the greatest challenges impact investors face is measuring social impact. In order to reach an acceptable standard for reporting on social impact, GAWA Capital has aligned its reporting with two widely accepted industry standards: The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and the Impact Reporting and Investing Standards (IRIS). Both standards have laid out a very comprehensive set of indicators in an attempt to cover all of the potential areas of impact in which impact investors are active (the SPFT being more specialized and detailed in covering those aspects specifically related to financial services). 

Below we will share with you some general indicators on the investments perfomed by our client funds, we also encourage you to visit our Impact Stories page to meet the people behind the numbers!

Gawa Capital has helped supporting more than 122.000 people...

...most of them are women in disadvantage areas around the world.

In these disadvantaged areas our client funds 
invest in MFIs that work to eradicate poverty 
and foster financial inclusion...

Geographical Distribution of Portfolio by Continent


The MFIs part of the funds' portfolios distribute loans whose size is low compared to the GDP per capita of the beneficiaries...

...most of them offers savings services...
...and microinsurance policies.

Last Update Q4.2014