Luca Torre

Co-founder and Co-CEO
Luca spent most of his last 14 years working with and advising microfinance, SMEs and financial institutions. His experience includes:
  •  Credit Suisse Latin America Financial Institutions Group working on a variety of microfinance related transactions, including the Initial Public Offering of Banco Compartamos and Financiera Independencia. He also spearheaded a commercial microfinance initiative to increase Credit Suisse's market share in the sector.
  • Annapurna, a cooperative microfinance bank located in Pune, performing a turnaround of the organization to support financial sustainability.
    International Finance Corporation in Cambodia to support local Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The Boston Consulting Group focusing on the Financial Services sector and worked extensively with the largest Italian banking group in better serving the Small and Medium Enterprise segment.

Luca received a First Class BSc from University of Brighton and a Master of Business Administration from The Kellogg School of Management where he was awarded the Siebel scholarship for leadership and academic achievements.

He is the former Chairman of the Credit Committee of the Lower East Side People Credit Union in New York City.