GAWA Capital participates in the “Inclusive Finance India” annual Summit

New Delhi – December 2018.

Luca Torre, co-CEO and co-founder of GAWA Capital, was invited to participate in the “Inclusive Finance India” (IFI) Summit, in a panel on changes expected in the microfinance business model (“MFI 2.0: Is it Time to Reinvent and Push the Boundaries?”), as a sign of recognition of the role of GAWA in the industry.

The session turned out to be very stimulating with speakers and audience confronting lively different views on the key issues raised. The panel focused on the challenging and necessary change urged in the microfinance industry in order to adapt to clients’ evolution and technology advances. The most questioned issues were the endurable efficiency of the group lending methodology, the practice of using similar structures for different types of products, regulation limits, MFIs’ / clients’ challenges to cope with a new operating model and lenders’ / investors’ capability to address a new business model.

Inclusive Finance India (IFI) is a global policy platform on financial Inclusion, set up with the objective of enabling cross-pollination of best practices and breakthroughs, specifically to influence India’s financial inclusion strategy and campaign. IFI, backed by a 14-year legacy, has provided a strong articulation for building a vision and a robust ecosystem with clearly defined roles for stakeholders. This strategy has enabled it to star key recommendations on financial inclusion policy, regulation, supervision, technology advancements, client protection and institutional framework at national level.

IFI's main instrument is its annual Summit, that strives to bring together all stakeholders in the financial inclusion value chain and to help create an ecosystem where all efforts collaborate and contribute to a large aggregate outcome, with national and internal input. The Summit seeks to inform, influence and support policy towards strengthening an enabling environment, besides providing a platform to discuss key issues and challenges and build consensus on the way forward.

Click here to view the session program and further information on IFI.