GAWA Capital, pioneer at including the SDGs in the asset allocation of Spanish investors

Madrid – September 2018.

Twelve years remain to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. With its fulfilment we will achieve by 2030 an inclusive world, without extreme poverty, without discrimination, with accessible health and education for all, and respectful with our planet. Nevertheless, this objective is not easy. The World Economic Forum quantifies the investment needed to meet the SDGs at USD 3.9 trillion annually. So far, we are committing USD 1.4 trillion p.a., implying annual USD 2.5 trillion shortage. How can each country contribute to this end?

At this stage, social impact investment may adopt a key role. G8 countries, like the United Kingdom, Germany or France, have managed to build a well-developed impact investment sector, with proven financial returns, and strongly supported by public and private investors. This group has joined to create the “Global Steering Group for Impact Investing” (GSG), target at its promotion.

Spain laid behind until May 2018, when it launched the “Working Group to Promote Impact Investment”, sponsored by Unltd Spain, Eurocapital EAFI and Open Value Foundation. This initiative has been supported by the rest of the Spanish impact investment players. The first plenary session of the Group (July 2018) brought together capital providers managing over EUR 165 billion, ranging from public entities, to family offices, private banks, institutional investors and foundations. This is a first great step on a path that will lead Spain to demonstrate its commitment and take a relevant role in the achievement of an inclusive world by 2030.

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