Magallanes and GAWA Capital deliberate about Social Profitability at Capital Radio

Madrid – October 2018.

The manager Magallanes Value Investors has explained in Capital Radio the features of its new fund “Magallanes Impacto”, a unique product in Spain, which combines social and economic profitability, advised by GAWA Capital.

It invests in social entities that grant microcredits to vulnerable populations in developing countries. This methodology allows them to promote financial inclusion through a productive activity that improves living conditions. The fund’s performance is uncorrelated with the economic cycle and with the rest of assets.

Agustín Vitórica explained that this product is designed to help vulnerable people. He assures that the social impact is measurable and that it is quarterly reviewed and audited so that the investor is aware of the social impact achieved. In Spain, impact investment is still a small market, but it is increasingly gaining demand from institutional investors.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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