GAWA Capital: Building opportunities for low-income communities worldwide.

GAWA Capital is an impact investment advisory firm focused on building opportunities for low-income communities via investments in social companies. With EUR 75 million in investments advised, we aim to promote socio-economic development in emerging countries whilst also providing a financial return to investors.

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What is Impact Investing?

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. By offering a financial return to investors, impact investing aims to attract much-needed investment to social entities, which play a crucial role in working towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Real People, Real Stories



Adelaida started her agribusiness with USD 200 in her pocket. Thanks to GAWA's advised investment in Microserfin, she has been able to grow her business and increase the number of hens, cows and pigs she breeds, whilst also giving employment to some of her neighbours.



Deepa found herself having to work from a relatively young age following her father's death. Once married and with children, she set up a tailoring business in order to support her family. When Deepa heard about Janalakshmi, she employed 10 local women but thanks to the loan she received she now employs 200 people - an extraordinary success story.



Hernando's family moved to rural Cumbal (Nariño) from their natal town due to security issues and extreme poverty arising from the Guerilla. Hernando was able to start a dairy cattle farm thanks to a USD 500 loan from Contactar. They now have 3 cows and their micro-business activities have enabled them to meet their family's food, housing and education needs.

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