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Is your company seeking funding? Read our investment criteria below:

One of the core beliefs of GAWA's advised funds is that there doesn't have to be a trade-off between social impact and financial sustainability in organizations that promote financial inclusion. In general terms, the funds are looking to invest in organisations that fit in with the following criteria:

  • A clear social focus and strong management teams.

  • An organisation dedicated to any of the following:

    • Organisations providing microfinance or other services that promote financial inclusion (micro-insurance, financial technology providers, financial literacy initiatives, etc.).

    • Organisations that serve the agricultural sector, or wish to enter this sector: Financial Service Providers (microfinance, specialized agriculture financial institutions, leasing or factoring companies or other financial institutions) which are either already serving the agricultural sector and want to further penetrate this market, or which intend to enter the agricultural sector.

    • Agriculture-related SMEs or organisations such as cooperatives, food processors, or other SMEs that operate in value chains involving smallholder farmers which are profitable (or very close to profitability), have proven business models and a positive track record. 

    • Institutions financing SMEs, also known as the “missing middle”, a market that has been neglected by traditional financial institutions.

  • A solid track record in terms of asset quality and profitability: minimum total assets of EUR 15 million. Preferably, positive ROA (Return On Assets) and track record.

  • External audits from one of the Big Four or International audit firms preferred.

What our advised funds offer to investees

  • Growth capital in the form of debt and equity-like investments, with flexible duration depending on the organisation's needs.

  • Investments between EUR 1.5 million and EUR 15 million

  • Technical Assistance for agriculture-focused organisations: Knowledge-offer to support Financial Service Providers in better serving their existing agriculture clients and in extending their reach to new clients, by improving product design, processes and procedures, information and social impact management systems, amongst others.

  • GAWA seeks to build long-term relationships with fund investees, accompanying them throughout their development and sharing knowledge on best practices, improving social impact and performance. GAWA aims to help investees stay true to their original social mission.

If you represent an organisation seeking funding and identify with the above investment criteria...


The information provided is confidential and will be used with the sole purpose of GAWA Capital's team analyzing the potential investment. Please review our Legal Notice for further information.

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