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GIIN highlights GAWA Capital in its Report "The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice"

January 2020.

The second edition of the Global Impact Investing Network's "State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice" report, published in January 2020, reflects the increased sophistication and maturation of impact measurement and management (IMM) practices since the release of the survey’s first edition in 2017.

In the Spotlight: Impact Investing Audits section within the report, GAWA Capital was highlighted as one of the companies incorporating evidence of the social impact of investments at each stage of the lifecycle of its investments. Agustín Vitórica and Luca Torre are both certified CERISE SPI-4 auditors, whereby a detailed social impact due diligence is carried out prior to each investment and social improvements are actively impulsed in each investment throughout its lifetime.

Impact Measurement and Management are key in maximising the social impact of investments, whilst third-party audits are key in ensuring that impact results being reported are fair and unbiased. GAWA has been implementing this practice for years and, as the GIIN's report shows, more and more investors are starting to do the same.

You can access the whole report here and the section highlighting GAWA here.


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