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Huruma Fund: Largest impact investing fund launched in Spain, with EUR 120 million target

Photo by Chelsea Aaron on Unsplash

Madrid, May 2020.

Cinco Días published an article on the growing Spanish impact investing arena, naming the main funds in the country. GAWA Capital's was highlighted as the entity of reference within Spanish impact investment managers, whereby GAWA's Huruma Fund is the largest impact investing fund to be launched in Spain to date. Reference was made to GAWA's additional advised funds, Magallanes Impacto FIL, Global Financial Inclusion Fund, in addition to the company's first fund - GAWA Microfinance Fund - which was successfully liquidated at the end of 2018, having returned an equivalent anual IRR of 6.34% to investors.

At the time the article was printed, Huruma Fund had raised EUR 84 million of its EUR 120 million target, of which EUR 69 million was from private investors.

You can read the full article here.


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