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Shifting mindsets, incentives and portfolio theory - ImpactAlpha highlights GAWA Capital

Photo by Ron Hansen on Unsplash

January 2020.

GAWA Capital was higlighted in ImpactAlpha's article "Three ways asset owners can shift mindsets, incentives and portfolio theory". The article, which envisages a future where social and environmental impact are integral parts of every investment decision, explores how to achieve systemic change and enable the Financial Sector to unlock its potential in solving the greatest challenges facing the global community.

Three key aspects are highlighted to enable the shift: (i) reshaping mindsets, (ii) aligning incentives with impact and (iii) adding impact to the risk-return equation. GAWA Capital has been highlighted as one of the pioneering impact investing firms which are linking their carried interest to the real social impact of their Funds. This not only incentivises focusing on impact, but ensures management's alignment and commitment to the social mission.

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