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Solving social challenges through financial investments - GAWA lecture at IEF in Barcelona

Photo by Adrianna Van Groningen on Unsplash

Barcelona - January 2020.

Agustín Vitórica, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GAWA Capital, gave a lecture at the Institut d’Estudis Financiers in Barcelona to a group of professionals from large financial institutions and asset management companies. The lecture was called “Impact Investing: solving social challenges through financial investments”.

During the lecture, Agustín explained how impact investing seeks to attract private investment to help the over 2 billion people that do not have access to financial services, 380 million poor children whom do not have access to quality education and 270 million smallholder farmers whom are not able to access financing for the adquistion of inputs, by offering a financial return to investors in addition to this social impact. Agustín also discussed how Blending Finance, the use of public funds in order to catalyse private investment, is key in improving the risk-return matrix.

The Institut d’Estudis Financiers is a public foundation belonging to the Catalan Government that provides training to finance professionals that lead to official certification as chartered financial advisors.

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